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Strafasia (Strategic Foresight for Asia) encourages unsolicited articles. Please read the following guidelines for preparing your draft and submissions.

  • Please submit completed articles for consideration using the form below.
  • We encourage original analysis and also publish reports and commentaries on issues that fall under the scope of our forum.
  • Length of the articles should be between 1000 words (minimum) and 1500 words (maximum). On case-to-case basis, we may allow longer pieces at the discretion of the editor.
  • Please attach your submissions as a word document with in-line hyperlinks of the sources used. We do not encourage footnotes or endnotes.
  • Please indicate if you are seeking honorarium in the attached form but it remains the discretion of the editor.
  • We generally do not accept already published articles but on issues of specific interest, we may allow re-publishing with due credit to the original publisher.
  • We will contact you within three days if we are ‘NOT‘ publishing your article. If you haven’t heard from us, feel free to send your article to the other publications.
  • Please ‘Do Not‘ submit your articles to multiple editors.
  • Authors not seeking honorarium may get their articles published earlier.
  • Strafasia does not take responsibility for the contents, as these would remain independent views and opinions of the authors, who would bear all responsibility for ensuring that the material is not defamatory or plagiarized, and is as per the established norms and standards.
  • Some basic guidelines for authors:
    • Start your article with an interesting phrase or a fact that could attract the attention of the reader.
    • Make your argument very clearly in the opening paragraphs. Why it is important for a potential reader and why it must be read.
    • At times it may be useful to insert a few side or sub-headings to maintain the focus of a potential reader.
    • Please use language that is generally understood by readers from various background. Explain the abbreviations only once.
    • Once you have prepared the final draft, it is always good to share with a friend or a colleague to review before submitting it to Strafasia
    • Remember no one is perfect and it is always good to be your own self. Avoid following a specific pattern or a person that you can’t be, and be original in your expression and thoughts.  
    • Pl use Calibri font, size 12 with 1.5 spacing with heading(s) in bold
    • Name of the author below the main heading

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