Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses the Nation on Kashmir

Dated: 26 August 2019

Prime Minister of Pakistan address to the nation on 26th August 2019 on Kashmir


Article 370 Dilution: How Centre, not Kashmir, Has Lost Special Status

Dated: 22 August 2019

In a detailed interview, Karan Thapar speaks to Faizan Mustafa, Vice-Chancellor at NALSAR University of Law, on whether the Centre’s decision to render Article 370 ineffective and break J&K into two is constitutionally valid or not. They also speak about what happens next when this decision is challenged in the Supreme Court. Mustafa tells Thapar that though the court is unlikely to show urgency in this matter, the Centre’s failure to ascertain the views of the state assembly can be grounds for striking down the move.  The interview was made to The Wire: