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A New Dawn in Pakistan’s Fight Against Extremism: Operation Azm-o-Istehkam

In this statement about this operation, the Prime Minister highlighted that the Operation Azm-o-Istehkam encompass and coordinate all such actions against extremism and militancy in a single approach and in a conclusive form. Thus, the government needs to improve the capacity of armed forces and boost regional cooperation to strengthen the combat against terrorism. Further, socio-economic programs will cover social issues and fight extremism to support a single narrative within the country. New Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures will also be designed for the safety of Chinese nationals residing in Pakistan. Operation Azm-o-Istehkam clearly depicts the resolve of Pakistan NOT only to DECREASE terrorism, rather to ELIMINATE it and make sure that, it should not rise up again to harm the future of the country. They reiterate the sanctity of the state and respect for its laws for the existence of the nation. By this operation, Pakistan offers its citizens and the world a guarantee of a terrorism and religious extremism-free future.

Misconceptions Against Operation:

It is important to note that certain rumors and misassumptions about Operation Azm-e- Istehkam doing rounds on social media, are not unrehearsed, rather those are part of a systematic and organized propaganda campaign to defame the Government of Pakistan. To keep Operation Goldsmith 2.0 in play, anti-state sentiments are being propagated by certain dissident political quarters, who are surely funded from outside. Such misconceptions often stem from the political statements, belonging to a dissident political group, with the aim to create internal polarization and disharmony within the state. These anti-state anarchists create hype in the media for their personal political gains to create mistrust between the state institutions and public; thereby compromising the political impact of any right decision. Here we will address certain misconceptions regarding Operation Azm e Istahkam that are circulating on social media.

No Discrimination:

Azm-e-Istehkam is a nation-wide operation and will not target any individual, province or population only. The NAP Committee assured that there will be no discrimination and the operation will target all anti state anarchists and religious fanatics irrespective of their background, ethnicity, sect or religion. In his words, Prime Minister Sharif confirmed that everyone in the country is expected to wage war against militancy. The Governments’ action strategy will be moderate. All terrorists including Punjabi, Balochi, Sindhi, Kashmiri, Gilgiti or Pathan will be the targets of the state remorselessly. This strategy is important in order to sustain state authority and generate favourable future prospects for Pakistan’s development.

Operation Represents Mutual Consensus

The meeting was attended by representatives of all political party, the ministers from cabinet & Chief Ministers of all provinces. This shows how consensus was built in support of operation, involving the willingness of all important stake holders. The operation reflects the mutual consent of all parties on the thought that for the betterment of future generations, it is essential to eradicate terrorism. The Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) even said that “A good Taliban is only the dead Taliban.” Therefore, any statement against this operation from any political official is now result of an internal dichotomy within the party and not actually against the operation itself. Certain individuals are habitual to criticize any act of the Government irrespective of deciding what is good or bad. All participants of the meeting have appreciated, what the Prime Minister said about the war against terrorism which was not restricted to the Army alone but extended to the whole country. This can only be achieved if the nation is united in it, we can only be leaders in it.

Smooth Legal Procedures:

The reason for the intensification of the war is that Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) will now be provided with better weapons, modern equipment and better intelligence. If there is any lacunae in the legal process of punishing the terrorists, it will be removed so that all stages from investigation to punishment in the judiciary are managed in minimum time frame. Needful actions for enactment of legislation are currently in hand. It will be ensured that the hatred, which is being instilled in the minds of the innocent students of some Madrasahs in the name of Islam and in a systematic manner, can be brought before the public and decisive action against such people can be taken.

Use of Modern Techniques:

In the external level, it will also involve persuading Pakistan to cease supporting TTP, the countries influencing Afghanistan, namely, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and the rest will be compelled to pressure the Afghan Government to stop supporting TTP. Employing the modalties of modern technology for those, who will be ultimately traced with a help of mobile tracking and data retrieval. Similarly, modern forensic equipment will be provided to LEAs in order to pinpoint the terrorists, as soon as possible. This implies that from number plate of vehicles to even biometric features, all records have to be computerized.


Azm-o-Istehkam operation has become a striking symbol of Pakistan’s unyielding resolve for eliminating terrorism and religious extremism from the country. Despite constant threats and, more recently, acts of aggression, the Government along with the support of most of the political parties and provincial chiefs has outlined an effective strategy for the security and stability of the country. Thus, through coordinating and synchronizing military efforts with socio-economic undertakings and state of art facilitating technologies, Pakistan seeks not only to neutralize the militancy threats in the region but to develop a lasting model for lasting prosperity. While the operation is ongoing, every citizen should rise up and fight fake news in order to support this noble cause. The fate of Pakistan now lies in Operation Azm-e-Istehkam and people’s resolve to protect the inviolability and legislations of the country.