Title: Rise of dictatorship through the election 2024

Elections are always considered important for constitutional resolution during political turmoil but only if free and fair. 2024 Elections are going to be held in  India causing the emergence of a conspiracy that India might be moving towards dictatorship. Although elections are a symbol of democracy but in India, it seems like it is the last democratic regime as a majority of people are neglecting this elephant in the room. Several illuminated eyes are worried about the goodwill of their country as many unseen things are happening in the state which indicates that the state is falling in a pit. The members of the current government are talking about bringing change to the constitution, the party has strong control over the media which doesn’t let people know about actual circumstances, institutions are also sleeping and the party is criticized at international forums. The only way to preserve democracy again is to give a chance to any political party other than BJP. They  believe that democracy can only be preserved if the present government does not get chance of making government in the this year.

This uncertainty got attention when members of BJP said optimistically that they would make a new government with a majority of four hundred-plus seats in Lok Sabha against the opposition and would  implement significant changes in the constitution. As  BJP MP, Anant Kumar Hegde has said that it is essential to achieve a substantial majority in both houses of Parliament to implement significant changes in the constitution The News Minute . This is an alarming symbol that the state will fall under dictatorship.

In this era, media is the main tool for conveying information to the audience. But Indian media is not spilling the beans. It is silent on many issues as it is controlled by the government. They do not broadcast any issue that exhibits negative side of the government or any uncertain situation in the state. Crises happening in Ladakh and Mani poor are not broadcasted and are intentionally concealed by the media. Farmers’ issue is also hidden from the state individuals. Their news anchors are calling traitors to the protesting farmers and struggling to prove that they are anti-nationalists and separatists. The innocent public is only shown positive picture of India as it is the most progressive nation getting success day by day with undermining the fact of unemployment and rise of salary issues.  All these things prove that they are the puppets playing in the hands of the government.

As people are not getting actual information from the controlled media and they are guided wrong by it, the majority of individuals  are supporting BJP as they relate Prime Minister Narendra Modi with their god and a  Nordic Rose who is leading them towards progress and prosperity. Not only benighted people are hypnotized but plurality of intellectual people are also supporting him. If someone ask them that why are they supporting every single policy designed by the government, their response is that they love their leader above any logic and reasoning.

In addition to above certitudes, the government has also imprisoned top leaders of opposition parties like Aam Aadmi Party  without trial and conviction. The members of opposition are also  threatened by fake allegations and corruption cases to leave parties due to which many politicians are leaving their parties and becoming members of BJP. They are also facing difficulties to move their campaigns as their accounts have been frozen. Congress which  is the most powerful opponent of BJP is amongst such parties which are controlled by different  tactics such as 1700 crore fine have been imposed on them including penalty and interest, for the assessment years 2017-18 to 2020-2021. This notice  added worries for the national party, which has claimed it is already facing a cash crunch on the account of frozen bank accounts, just at the cusp of the Lok Sabha elections Business Standard. In addition to this CPI gets I-T department notice for rupees 11 crore dues too The Economic Times. In this entire storyline, the politicians of opposition who left their parties and joined BJP again become innocent due to which it is taunted that BJP washes all stains of corruption just by becoming part of it. However, the party by itself  has done the  most biggest historical scam  in the form of electoral bonds  Al Jazeera  but no one is talking about this.

In these formidable circumstances, institutions can be game changer but   ED and CBI have lost their veracity and authenticity. In addition to them, the Election commission which is responsible to conduct fair elections  is also  not supporting opposition parties as its members are also biased towards the government. Here current government has also played a very clever role as they have changed its composition by adding two members from their party and one from the opposition. Thus, institutions are also becoming fragile.

By observing this situation, foreign countries are also criticizing India such as Germany said for fair and impartial trial of Arvind Kejriwal The Hindu, US advocates fair process on Congress bank accounts The Times Of India  and UN stated that hopefully, people can vote in a free and fair atmosphere The Hindu .

Some patriots of BJP are still sleeping despite knowing these eye opening actualities by saying democracy is about elections and elections are holding here but they do not know that this kind of elections  hold in North Korea and Russia too with no  opposition parties and  same is happening in India where BJP is controlling opposition through different means. Some said that there is no alternative of this party. However, any party would be a better option at this time. Some are going towards defeatism and preferring NOTA (none of the above) which is also not a solution for maintaining stability. In this situation, people should not lose hope and think twice for electing any party to save their country from dictatorship.


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