Wing Commander Abhinandan lauds Pakistan Army’s professionalism

RAWALPINDI: Indian pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, has lauded Pakistan Army’s Professionalism

In a video, circulating on social media, Wing Commander is seen drinking a cup of tea and thanking Pakistan Army for rescuing him from the mob.

He said and I quote  “I will not change my stance if I go back to my country India.”

“This is what I would expect from my Army,” he said lauding the professionalism and attitude of Pakistan Army.

He was asked if he was married; he replied: “I am from down south India and married person.”

He also said the tea he was served was so tasty.

He also told in an earlier video

“My name is Wing Commander Abhinandan and my service number is 27981,” the pilot says in a video statement.

“I am a flying pilot and my religion is Hindu,” .

Both videos are produced below


Second Video



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