Breaking the Myth of Proliferation Nexus

Breaking the Myth of Proliferation Nexus

The word ‘Nexus’ every so often refers to an evil connection, frequently used in media reports. The originators have practised the word ‘Nexus’ to associate something shady. Mostly it rings the bell with a taste for controversy. The writers ordinarily use their stretch of imagination, detracting reality. The marred reality springs up from sowed seeds of none other than controversy and barefaced lies. The intentional use of Nexus mostly goes uncheck, uncontested and making myths reality. This requires an extra mile run to break down the myth. The myth-makers cherry-pick some related facts on the subject without even realizing their true essence. In this endeavour, the myth makers continue to beat the bush to style a paranoid reality. Their stated eutrophic realities turn out to be a conspiracy of silence. When it comes to international relations, the blame game is not something new. States continue to blame each other in order to cater to their desired objective. With the evolution of social and print media’s accessibility to the majority, many states have been using media as a propaganda tool of their foreign policy.

Some nascent Indian writers like media stardom have mastered the technique of creating more myths than stating proofs. Interestingly, arguing facts is a misfit in their understanding and subsequent write-ups. Why do they do that? What makes them come up with such sheer fraught stories? Reason! To create an augmented reality shrouded with lies and deceit about their adversaries. Sometimes a short-lived success they can grasp, and mostly get a bloody nose. A rejoinder is sometimes necessary. Mostly, it is a waste of time to respond. The EU disinformation report is a shred of evidence to India’s media flip-flop. Why waste time? No answers. Why necessary? A factual sucker punch necessitates a complete ending of the myths created by the Indian myth makers.

Indian nuclear myth makers successfully create a brand new myth in national media. Multiple news stories were published recently on the subject. The Indian pranksters exploited Nexus’s use to describe a false nuclear proliferation link between Pakistan, Turkey, and China. This false nuclear Nexus is none other than non-academic and media misadventure. Most nuclear proliferation stories are myths, and less are realities. The myth-makers deliberate fabricated stories and describe mottled realities. Indian writers attempt to fabricate this Pakistan-China-Turkey nuclear proliferation nexus is only a myth, which will die abruptly. Because there is nothing believable in it. Separating myth from reality becomes a headache. Stating facts to the myth makers would be a sheer waste of time as they would better act like the deaf. But, why not make a valuable effort other than impressing the deaf ears. Yes! Let’s make a beneficial attempt for the masses to prevent them from falling prey to the predatory Indian news mill.

Is Turkey becoming a pariah state under President Erdogan? He is blamed for resuscitating the Ottoman Empire with plans for Turkey expansionism. This is a statement which requires concrete shreds of evidence and logical answers. Erdogan is playing a proactive role in the Islamic world but with an ambition to become a Caliph. He is gradually losing popularity in the country. The loss of Ankara’s mayorship is a setback to President Erdogan. This reflects a democratic process in the country. As far as going nuclear, Turkey under President Erdogan is quite clear. It does not want to acquire nuclear weapons even though it has strong industrial and technical support available to go nuclear. The intentions are understandable, and perhaps if Turkey wants nuclear weapons, it will not bother India. What bothers Indian media mischief-makers to write on Pakistan-China-Turkey nuclear nexus? The only thing that troubles Indian authors is President Erdogan’s undeniable support to the Kashmiris. This has prompted Indian writers to spread as much falsehood as they can. Over the years, Turkey supported Kashmiris in their right of self-determination and Pakistan’s position. Nevertheless, that does not benefit Turkey’s relations with India.

Likewise, one should not expect a positive thing from Indian writers on Pakistan’s nuclear program. Not an iota of positivity. It would merely be a waste of time. Same goes for Chinese case. Indian media pundits only want to stigmatize and blame Pakistan and China on the nuclear proliferation issue. However, they do not want to listen to their world’s largest unsafeguarded nuclear program. They become deaf when someone points at their new nuclear city in Karnataka. They do not wish to listen to their massive military build-up. They do not want to listen to their atrocities in Kashmir.

In today’s world, where the media is being used as a propaganda tool, it can also expose such antagonists. India’s proliferation record make it more evident that India has been involved with so many other states for material gains and have been a source of threat for international and regional peace and stability. In sum, concocted stories about Pakistan-China-Turkey unholy nexus might impress domestic audiences in India. However, they would not amaze other sides as it becomes a habit of Indian authors to leave every time with a bloody nose.


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